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Common Lanyard Uses

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  1. Students and teachers use custom lanyards every day for a variety of purposes. 

    1.Custom lanyards are a great way to show school spirit. We can create lanyards featuring your school's name, logo, and/or mascot - all matched to your school colors. Students and teachers often wear customized school lanyards around their necks when schools requires identification to regularly be shown or used. High school students also often use their school's lanyards to hold their keys, letting the lanyard material hang out of a pocket.

    Lanyards are often required for identification and access in the business world. 

    2.In the workplace, custom lanyards are often used for identification, both by having the company name and logo printed or woven onto the lanyard and by attaching ID cards or name badges to them. In addition, badge holders and/or retractable badge reels are often ordered with the lanyards.

    With strict security policies, lanyards are required in many government organizations.

    3.When it comes to working in a government building, identification is required at all times. Whether you're going through a security checkpoint or passing documents between offices, you'll need to frequently show your ID and wearing it around your neck is often the easiest way to keep it handy. Custom lanyards allow you to represent your department by showing its name across the material. You can then attach your ID/access card directly to a lanyard's attachment (if the card has a punched hole) or safely inside a 100% clear badge holder.

    No convention is complete without its attendees wearing custom lanyards. 

    4.When thousands of people are flowing through a convention hall, it's a necessity to keep track of them using custom lanyards. You have the ability to add value to your convention by giving attendees custom lanyards with the convention name and logo on them. You can also feature your convention's sponsors on the custom lanyards, getting their message across to all attendees. Conventions often order the same design across multiple colors of lanyards for different categories of attendees or officials.

    Give future customers a way to remember your company and product. 

    If you're hosting a business party, attending a special event, or manning a convention booth, custom lanyards featuring your company's name and logo are excellent promotional giveaways that ensure your product is remembered after the event is over. The most effective promotional use of custom lanyards is to upgrade the attachment and style.

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